Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect combination of sport and art, it combines elements of ballet, dance and gymnastics linking expressive dance steps with skilful manipulations of the ball, ribbon or hoop: throw, spin, spiral, roll and catch.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is all about floor routines, there are no vaults or no bars. It's just you and the music and a piece of apparatus which will bring your performance to life. The fusion dance element adds to the advancement of the children's all round agility, dance versatility and knowledge.

Through these Recreational Gymnastics class we have something for just about everyone with the help and support of an experienced and qualified coach.

The gymnasts are put through their paces with a full body warm-up before going on to learn all manner skills.

The children do not need any experience to get started, but previous Gymnastics and dance experience is a bonus plus a love of performing, creativity and determination. They will learn how to move gracefully with the apparatus. They will learn to work as a team and with choreographed routines improving their motor skills and confidence. This class encourages the children to grow in creativity, spatial awareness, use of imagination, expressing who they are, self-discipline, and so much more.


Classes Timetable

Thursday 18:15 - 19:15 Acro/Rhythmic Gymnastics - Junior/IntersStudio 16 to 12 YearsN/A
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